An opportunity for the potential client and the trainer to meet, provide necessary information, ask questions and discuss an appropriate plan of action. Typically a consultation takes the format of a 30 minute informal, relaxed discussion with no physical requirement although it is advisable to wear loose comfortable clothing.


A vital phase of the personal training process, this allows for the trainer to perform a variety of assessments and gain crucial statistics on the clientsʼ body composition and current function and performance. Assessments include:

  • Body Fat Composition
  • Body Measurements
  • Blood Pressure Analysis
  • Structural and Postural Analysis
  • Flexibility and Range of Motion Assessment
  • Muscular Strength and Endurance Testing

Nutrition Advice

Exercise alone will not yield optimal results. Whether the goal is body fat reduction or increased muscle mass, it is vital that any exercise routine is complimented by a structured nutritional program. Clients are asked to complete a food diary which is discussed during consultation to identify positive and negative eating habits. A personalised nutrition program can then be implemented to suit each individuals lifestyle and is reassessed at set intervals to ensure optimal progress is made.

Exercise Prescription and Personal Training

“If youʼre not assessing, youʼre guessing”. Its an old adage but the message is still often overlooked. Exercise selection should follow from a thorough assessment to ensure that any movement can be performed safely and not contribute to muscular imbalance, instability or faulty movement pattern. It is only through continuous performance evaluation that exercises and programs should be progressed.

Personal training replaces guesswork with sound scientific principles. The aim of any personal trainer should always be to educate and ensure that knowledge is passed on to the client and provide them with the tools to train on their own. The benefits of working with a skilled trainer on an individual or small group basis include improved technique, reduced incidence of injury, greater motivation, improved efficiency, greater accountability and ultimately faster and better results.

Program Design

Far too often results in the gym or on the field are disappointing due to poor planning. Every individual is unique with regards to their genetic makeup, muscle fibre type, body composition, hormone profile, injuries and imbalances, level of ability, goal deadlines, lifestyle and availability. All these factors need to be taken into consideration when designing both a single workout and a periodised program.

Program design should address both short term and long term goals and be phased correctly to maximise results. Finish Line Fitness uses the latest in scientific research on this subject, combined with experience and teachings from world renowned coaches such as Charles Poliquin and Gray Cook to ensure clients are constantly challenging their bodies to break through plateaus and prevent adaptation from hindering progress.

Strength and Conditioning

The ultimate goal of any client of Finish Line Fitness should be to improve their strength. Resistance exercises and flexibility are the staple of training sessions. It is a misconception that in order to lose weight that hours must be spent on the treadmill. In fact, the latest findings suggest that prolonged CV exercise can in fact encourage body fat, exacerbate injuries due to repetitive strain and accelerate the aging process. Certain studies even suggest training for long periods on electronic equipment may encourage diabetes!

Resistance training has been proven to successfully reduce body fat stores and maintain these reduced levels due to improved muscle “tone” which in turn raises metabolism. Through varying the intensity, sets and rep ranges, tempos and rest intervals, resistance exercises can also increase muscle mass and improve strength. Whatever the goal, clients can expect incredible results performing exercises using their bodyweight, free-weights and cable resistance machines. Athletic performance is further developed through the highly skilled movements used in Olympic Lifting and Kettlebell training.

Home/Outdoor training

While non-members are welcome at Dolphin Fitness Club, exercise sessions are not limited to the gym. Finish Line Fitness can provide training in clients' homes or at local parks and will supply any relevant equipment. To get a quote or to find out more about home and outdoor training please use the contact page.

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