Nicola Johnston


Nicoloa Johnston

Two years ago I made the decision to change my life and joined a gym. I was taken through an induction with a fitness instructor and was given a program to follow but was getting nowhere. A chance meeting with Ryan and I realised that my exercise regime was only a small part of a bigger change which I needed to make to get where I wanted to be.

At the time I starting my sessions with Finish Line Fitness my weight was a concerning 80.1kg, my general health was poor and my conditioning was non-existent! I was a little apprehensive in our first sessions but Ryan made me feel at ease and kept enforcing the belief that anything was possible with the correct guidance and structure, some dedication and a lot of hard work!

My results have been staggering. My weight is now maintained at 52kg and my body fat percentage has gone from 48.5% to 21%!! I have lost over 22cm from my waist and dropped from a size 16 to a size 8! Although I have made some adjustments to my eating habits and how I view food, I have never tried any diets and never will. While I had no original aspiration to improve my strength, Ryan continuously encouraged me to set myself new targets, to get stronger, and Ive progressed so far that Im currently taking classes in gymnastics and polercise! Despite having achieved all my original goals I continue to train with Ryan and see our sessions as an essential part of my weekly routine.

Getting where I am today has been far from easy but it is one of my most rewarding achievements, and my results have given me the confidence to keep pushing myself further, both inside and outside the gym. I cannot recommend Ryan and Finish Line Fitness highly enough.

Alfie Allen


Sam Armstrong

I trained with Ryan while preparing for filming Game of Thrones.

I had some very specific requirements, not a lot of free time, and needed to be in great condition for some of the physically demanding scenes. The training was tough at times but well worth the effort and I was more than happy with the results.

Sam Armstrong


Sam Armstrong

As a former professional tennis player I needed a truly world class trainer to get me ready to compete again.

I started working with Ryan about 4 months ago and have not looked back since. He not only a trainer but a motivator, a mentor and coach. He has got me back on the road to playing competitive tennis once more and I could not have done it without him.

Heather McGregor


Heather McGregor

I moved back home to Northern Ireland in 2010 and having done little exercise over the course of a year, decided to train with Ryan on a regular basis.

Since working with Ryan I have improved all aspects of my fitness. I am much more flexible and less prone to injury, have better upper body strength and my cardiovascular fitness is much improved following frequent visits to “Hell” (to find out more, ask Ryan!). Just the holy grail of abdominals to crack!

Not only am I fitter, but my mental ability to cope with all the changes in my life has improved through working with Ryan. Our boxing sessions allow me to ʻlet off steamʼ and regular chats about diet and stress levels remind me about the importance of doing the right things!

I decided to push myself a bit further recently and entered a challenge to trek 100km over 30 hours, in aid of Oxfam Ireland. I successfully completed the trek with Ryanʼs support and have the blisters to prove it!

Iʼm looking forward to developing my fitness and losing more body weight and am confident that my fitness program and personal trainer will get me there!

Briege McKeown


Briege McKeown

I had been using the gym regularly for a few years before I started personal training sessions with Ryan. I would have used the cardio machines and attended classes in the gym 2 or 3 times a week, but I wasn't really seeing results. When I got engaged and started to think about the all important wedding dress I decided I needed to do something different.

I started training with Ryan once a fortnight. Within a few months family, friends and work colleagues started to comment on the change in my body shape. Particularly my waist, hips and thighs. The sessions are tough, Ryan will push you further than you think you are capable of, so when you are training yourself you know you CAN do it. The programs he gives you to work on between sessions are challenging but easy to follow.

Training with Finish Line Fitness will change the shape of your body!

Ryan McNamara


I decided to get some help from a Personal Trainer about 2 years ago. I had been working long hours as a junior doctor during my first few years after qualifying, and had become overweight, constantly tired and had lost some confidence.

I had also developed many bad habits in my diet and my exercise routine was very poor. After Ryan's initial assessment, he was able to identify many weaknesses and imbalances in my physique and straight away, we set goals for fat loss, muscle growth and improvement in my stamina. Prior to sending me each fitness routine, he always ensured that I knew how to perform all of the prescribed exercises and would check that I was performing them accurately, each time he saw me. Ryan was always available in the gym between booked sessions if I had any questions or problems. He also has a vast knowledge of nutrition and gave me very useful dietary advice as well as recommending various protein supplements for building muscle. His friendly, motivational style made it very easy to get back into the habit of exercising, and Ryan gives nothing but positive regard and encouragement at all times.

I weighed 14.5 stone, had a body fat % of 33, had a 38 inch waist (and could barely complete one press-up!) when Ryan started working with me. Now 2 years later, I weigh just over 12 stone, have a 34 inch waist and and my current body fat % is 19. I can now almost clean and jerk my own body weight! I have bags of energy, increased definition everywhere, especially on my arms and legs and have gained so much confidence, mainly because I feel great about the way I look. I now look forward to going to the gym every day and am motivated to stay fit and healthy with more goals already in mind for the future. With my new lifestyle and confidence, I've flourished both in my career and in my personal life. I think everyone should have a personal trainer like Ryan.

Colin Scott


From the outset I was impressed by Ryansʼ attitude and approach to his work. I had previously been with two different personal trainers and immediately noticed a more professional and holistic approach to my training programs. Whilst focusing largely on the area of training I wished to develop, Ryan mixed in a sufficient amount of focus on all aspects of my heath and well being from core stability to posture and nutrition.

Ryan has also extended his role outside of the gym to take me food shopping in order to help me in planning and maintaing my diet. His programs are always varied and challenging and whilst they may be taxing Ryan is a powerful motivator and always allows for my input.

Ryan is a very pleasant trainer to work with and whilst remaining thoroughly professional his attitude to work is always cordial. I have recommended two friends to Ryan as clients and I know they are more than happy with his work.

A reliable, knowledgeable and encouraging trainer, I regard Ryan as a friend as well as a trainer and would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Tracey Rooschuz


I have been training with Ryan for 2 years now, initially because of a knee injury I sustained at University which progressively deteriorated. Ryan analysed my movements and pinpointed both weak and tight muscles in my body which were contributing to my knee issues and developed a program to target these areas.

The routines I worked on were fun and enjoyable. Ryan continuously assessed and set me challenges to monitor my progress. My friends were amazed at how my body has changed and I feel fitter, stronger with more energy, and my confidence has soared.

He has changed my whole approach to training and keeping fit and I would have never have guessed how training with him would change my life for the better. He is an outstanding trainer and just a fun and energetic person to work with.

I like to see myself as a representative of Ryan. I love the feeling of accomplishment and improved self-image that I get from training with him. My overall performance has improved dramatically and I continue to challenge myself to see how much fitter and stronger I can get. I can now do things I never imagined possible! He instils confidence and motivates you to achieve maximum results. Rarely do you find a personal trainer with education, experience, dedication and professionalism and I would highly recommend Ryan to help you on your own fitness path.

Anne Donnelly


I have been working out with Ryan since June 2010. I went to him initially for a three month period hoping that he could strengthen my legs for a climbing trip. I had used several personal trainers before at various gyms but had not developed the same relationship or achieved the same results.

When I met Ryan I was a frequent trekker on 3,000-4,000m peaks. I have since increased my strength to feel comfortable on 5,000-6,000m peaks and I want to increase this again in 2012 to 7,000m with an eventual goal of climbing Everest in the next few years.

With Ryanʼs encouragement I have taken up running and have completed several 5k, 10k and half marathons this year with the aim of running a full marathon in early 2012. Ryan encourages me to set frequent goals and doesnʼt allow me to “drift” with my personal fitness targets. I have changed the way I use the gym since commencing PT. I used to attend a lot of classes that werenʼt necessarily helping me to achieve my goals or giving me the body shape I wanted. I have used gyms for over 20 years and have achieved more in one year with Ryan than I have managed in years of training. He gives me focus and direction, establishes my goals and gives me the know how to get there.

Whilst my primary concern has never been on weight I would have always been about a half stone over my ideal weight. Without ever being on a diet I have reduced my weight by 7lbs since June 2010 and I have now maintained my ideal weight for over a year. My body fat percentage has reduced from 22.7 % to 19.6%. I have lost weight from all the usual zones, strengthened my core and have achieved muscle tone that I did not think possible as I am now in my 40ʼs.

Ryan constantly watches your technique, making adjustments and constructive comments that always help you get the best out of your workout. He is dedicated, professional and fun to work out with. He has changed my approach to fitness making me feel that those hard to reach goals are more achievable. I viewed personal training as something of a luxury before but now it is an essential part of my week and the most worthwhile investment in my overall health and wellbeing. No two workouts with Ryan are ever the same. It can often be tough but it is always rewarding. I would recommend Finish Line Fitness to anyone, regardless of their level of fitness.

Dan Byrne


I have been a member of LA Fitness in Adelaide Street for 2 years. After a year of general training, I decided I needed specialist help with my back and general posture, as my job as a pilot has me sitting in a less than perfect slouch for hours on end.

Having watched how the various Personal Trainers worked, I approached Ryan, and he has been working on my posture for the past year. After assessment he devised a program to correct muscular imbalances and has been constantly progressing my routine as I become more adept at the various exercises.

My posture is much improved, and my back is a lot stronger. I am delighted with the progress and would highly recommend Ryan.

Iryna Kennedy


Having little experience in my life of exercise or playing sports I decided to take up marathon running a few years ago. Unfortunately I began to develop a variety of painful injuries which ultimately ended my continued participation. After recommendation from a colleague, I approached Finish Line Fitness for personal training. Through assessment Ryan was able to identify both tight and weak parts of my body which were affecting my posture and the way I ran.

Since working with Ryan to correct these imbalances and improve my fitness I felt notably stronger with less discomfort when running. Within the last 3 months I have completed the following: 1 ultra marathon, 2 marathons, numerous 2km to 5km open water swimming events, an 8-hour swimming pool challenge and I ran a total of 74 miles in a 24-hour endurance event. I have also entered the Lakeland 100 mile race and have completed swims of both the English Channel and the North Channel as part of a relay team!

I would highly recommend training with Finish Line Fitness to anyone who takes their health and fitness seriously and wants to see real results.

Peter Wm. McCormick


Ryan McMahon was highly recommended to me by a personal trainer who had worked with me in the past and commenced training me in August 2009.

When I first met Ryan I was recovering from a long enforced convalescence following valve replacement surgery in November of 2007. Ryan had guided me in regaining a level of physical fitness. In 2010 I had a serious sports accident in Canada with multiple injuries, the most physically debilitating of which were lower back fractures of vertebraes L1 to L4, broken ribs and severe tendon damage to my right knee.

Ryan rose to the challenge to rebuild me. I had very limited mobility due to the back and knee injury. Ryanʼs extensive knowledge of back injury rehabilitation and the most intelligent form of physiotherapy that would produce a result over time has produced results I couldnʼt of possibly hoped for. I believe with no shadow of a doubt that I owe Ryan the quality of physical wellness I now enjoy.

Aine Goodman


I have trained with Ryan for over a year after he was recommended to me by another trainer. In the past year I have noticed a huge difference in my fitness, flexibility and strength.

My main focus was on core strength, and I now have “abs of steel” thanks to Ryan. He also incorporated a lot of varied exercises that have toned my entire body. As a result of his knowledge, experience and motivation I can do so much more than I thought I ever could.

Ryan is an excellent trainer that I would recommend to anyone. Every week my training sessions were different and fun. He is an extremely professional and dedicated trainer.

Bridie Goodman


I trained with Ryan for just over a year and in that time not only did I change body shape, I physically went from strength to strength, way beyond anything I thought/believed I was capable of.

Ryan McMahon is an excellent trainer, he commits to each individual client and their needs, regardless of age or gender, whatever you want to achieve or goals you wish to reach, Ryan McMahon is the trainer that will without doubt drive and motivate you there.

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I started training with Ryan once a fortnight. Within a few months family, friends and work colleagues started to comment on the change in my body shape.

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